Themes by Hank Martin

I started creating themes because I did not find what I was looking for for my own websites.

Contact me via hank(at)


Fast, lightweight mobile first Theme

This theme does not include a Kirby license.

The theme was developed to present photos or portfolios.
Clear simple design and fast loading images are in the focus.

Update 06.2020
Fixed translation errors
Random order of articles on the homepage now optional
Number of articles on the homepage now chooseable (max.10)
Updated Kirby to 3.3.6
Updated Uniform to 4.1.0
Updated Focus to 3.0.4


Simple and clean design, mobile first and flexible.
Does not include a Kirby license.
Last Updates:
Updated to Kirby 3.3.6
Change Contactform to Uniform Plugin

Updated for Kirby 3.3.4
Update bulma to 0.8.0
Update letleaf to 1.6.0